Saturday, July 12, 2014

I think putting ethanol in gasoline was one of the cruelest hoaxes ever pulled on the American people. Anyone that have an older or any car that is seldom driven is going to have problems. 

With ethanol in it gasoline deteriorates so rapid that the gas tank needs draining after a few months or so if not used. Plus, sooner or later it is going to drive the cost of all corn products out of sight. 

I have an old classic car that I seldom drive and I gotta find me some ethanol free gasoline somewhere. Sometime later, shame on you Freddie Sirmans Sr, for thinking there is still individual freedom left in the USA to buy ethanol free gasoline! 

Hell, how was I to know that it is mandated by the Feds that ethanol free gasoline can no longer be found in this great free country. I guess I will just have to drain all of the gas out of my old classic car and keep the tank empty or run the hell out of it. Wake up America!

They do have perservatives one can add to the fuel, but it is still a dumb idea putting a vegetable product in gasoline.
SIRMANS LOG: 12 MAY 2010, 0029 HOURS.

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